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Developing engineered solutions tailored for you.

Custom Projects

We can support your engineering and development needs from early concept generation through the complete manufacturing package. However, we know that not every client has the same need. We can help you at any point throughout the process.

Minimum Viable Prototypes

We're well-known for building prototypes and MVP-stage products. We help navigate the early stages when you need to validate the most important commercial principles to garner support by grant committees, investors, or other stakeholders in your company.

Our Process

Functional Prototyping

We generate conceptual prototypes of the riskiest aspects of the device. At this point, we’re solving the toughest challenges on the benchtop first to demonstrate the feasibility of an idea.

  • Quick & dirty prototyping

  • Evaluation

  • Fast iteration

  • Reducing risk

Concept Generation

We generate concepts for the overall appearance of device as well as the functionality of some subsystems within the device. We present preliminary sketches or CAD models to the Client to convey the concepts and select a single preferred concept based on the prototype specifications.

  • Review compliance standards

  • System design concepts

  • Appearance sketches/CAD

Detailed Engineering

For the selected concept, we perform the detailed design & CAD modeling of the device and individual components. For this stage of development, we utilize low-volume, rapid-prototyping processes for the Alpha Prototype that may have limited functionality but offer inexpensive prototypes that are more easily and quickly developed.

  • Detailed CAD modeling

  • Component selection

  • Prototype Fabrication

  • Gather feedback

Design for Manufacturing

We refine the prototype design for the desired manufacturing processes, such as stamped metal or injection molded plastic. We also support the contract manufacturer and manufacturing processes through the initial manufactured units, providing support for the applicable compliance and approval processes to ensure the quality of the product.

  • Production materials

  • Pre-compliance testing

  • Sterility evaluation

  • Manufacturing design package

Project Proposal

How much will it cost?

Every project is customized to meet your needs. We provide either Fixed Price or Time & Materials proposals that layout the Project Plan and define the Scope of Work. Fixed Price proposals are best-suited for projects that have well-defined deliverables and can be estimated with accuracy. Time & Materials proposals are provided for those projects with more uncertainty, technical challenges, or ambiguous deliverables. Our T&M proposals reflect our current understanding of the effort but also leave room for the flexibility to modify the Scope of Work and Deliverables throughout the project. Therefore, our T&M proposals are easily tailored to meet your goals and budget.

Project Status

Keeping you involved and up-to-date

Throughout the project, regular status updates keep you up-to-date on the budget and schedule as well as reports on progress. These may be emails, team conference calls, or online/in-person meetings depending on the subject matter. In addition, we have one or more Design Reviews with your participation, complete with sketches, images, prototypes, or design documentation to review.