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Alpha Bah is a rising Junior Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Maryland. Alpha is very excited to be working at Root3 this summer and looking forward to doing fun and challenging projects. His main interests are in product development, design process, and learning as much as possible about every aspect of engineering that he can. More recently, Alpha has developed a desire to learn and implement sustainable and ethical practices into his engineering work. He has also been working on building a robot arm in his leisure time just for fun and learning more about topics and skills that pique his interest. Other than that, in his free time, he enjoys listening to/making music, skating (both roller skating and skateboarding), and film/photography.

Alpha Bah

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Newest Activity:

Producing Music.

Can be found:

Roller Skating on Sunday evenings.

Loves to :

Cook copious amounts of food.