Build a Business Series- Creating a Hardware Product

When we talk to entrepreneurs or small-businesses exploring a new device development project, they share their concern about spending a lot of money and not getting the outcome they (or their customers) need, or their frustration at choosing which idea is worth the investment, or simply being overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. If this sounds familiar, join us July 30th for a panel discussion with industry experts that can help answer some of these issues. Our panelists will cover the following topics  :

  • Strategic Discovery – Identify the problems and solutions worth pursuing
    • Todd Murphy – Root3 Labs
  • The Product Development Process –turning a concept into a finished product
    • Chad Schneider, PE – Root3 Labs
  • Commercialization – strategies for the marketplace and regulatory compliance
    • Steve Brooks – Brooks Metech, LLC
  • Intellectual Property – how to protect your ideas
    • Linda Hutchison – Hutchison Law, LLC
  • Legal Planning – thinking about bringing in investors? What you need to know first.
    • Erik Feig – Nemphos Braue, LLC

For more information  and to register for this event, click here.  Tickets are free but space is limited so make sure you register today!