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Motorcyclist Product Research Survey

Motorcycle Driver

Photo credit: Sporty Driver

Help us design a better product by filling out a brief survey for motorcycle enthusiasts regarding the long-distance comfort of your motorcycle. We’re working on the early-stage prototyping of a few new motorcycle products to improve rider comfort and thought we’d start with some customer research. Your answers will help guide our decisions as we design the product. So, if you’ve ever wished you could be involved in the design of a product you could use, now is your chance. But don’t worry, we won’t let you go too far off track...

If you ride more than one motorcycle and think your answers might be different and relevant, please feel free to fill out additional surveys.

We appreciate your time, so we’re giving away a $25 debit gift card for use anywhere for every 100 people that respond until we reach our goal of 400 respondents. Enter your email address at the end to enter the raffle. Your email address will not be shared or sold, but we may contact you to follow up on your answers or to provide updates on the project. And, please share this survey with as many fellow motorcyclists as you can. You’ll help improve our data and you’ll be entered into every additional prize drawing.

Can’t see the survey in your browser or mobile device? View it online.

Aug 16, 2013 Update: Congratulations to our first Raffle Winner! Cornelius Bluffer won a $25 gift card in our first drawing. Keep filling out the survey – if we get enough participants, we’ll raffle another gift card.