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Measure Pupilary Response to Detect Disease
Messung der Pupillenreaktion zur Krankheitserkennung

Goggles for Diagnosing Eye Diseases The Problem: Unusual dark adaptation, such as pupilary response, is commonly associated with numerous ocular diseases, so the procedure serves as an objective diagnostic tool, but it can be difficult to administer well in...

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Disinfecting Dialysis Tubing
Desinfektion von Dialyseschläuchen

Relavo is a medical device company led by a female-founded team of biomedical engineers from Johns Hopkins University. They are working to minimize the risk of infection with at-home dialysis systems. Their device, the PeritoneX™, makes it possible for more patients...

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CPAP Cannula for Premature Babies
CPAP-Kanüle für Frühgeborene

Dr. Mohamed, Vice Chair of Neonatology at the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital and founder of CPAP Cannula, LLC, came to Root3 Labs with a big idea to develop a novel CPAP cannula for premature babies. He recognized the shortcomings with many CPAP cannula devices...

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Biomedical Armband Neuro Wearable
Biomedizinisches Armband Neuro Wearable

Ein befreundetes Unternehmen aus Baltimore - Infinite Biomedical Technologies (IBT) - hat sich mit unserem Team von Root3 Labs zusammengetan, um einen Multi-Elektroden-Armbandsensor für Menschen zu entwickeln, die von Gliedmaßenverlust betroffen sind. IBT ist über 25 Jahre alt und hat seine Ursprünge in den Forschungslabors von Johns...

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Neural Blockade Monitor

BLOCKsynop® is a technology startup developing a product that will objectively measure the effectiveness of regional anesthesia. The team is led by Wayne Sternberger, PhD, and Robert S. Greenberg, MD, who had developed a benchtop version of the device using...

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Cryogenic Tumor Therapy
Kryogenische Tumortherapie

The Kubanda Cryotherapy system provides a simple, point-of-care, minimally invasive tumor treatment for pets that leverages cryogenic temperatures to kill tumor cells. A thin probe inserted through the skin enters the tumor and a custom gas-control module cools the...

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Stethoscope Sterilization System
Sterilisationssystem für Stethoskope

StetPulse is a prototype UV-C sterilization system to be used in hospitals/clinical settings for stethoscopes. The original prototype was designed and built by a team of undergraduates at Johns Hopkins. Doctors and other medical professionals use their stethoscopes to...

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Wellness Product Engineering
Wellness Produktentwicklung

The Ammortal Chamber is an immersive experience that guides the user through physical, mental, and spiritual rejuvenation. It blends sound, light, vibration, an electrical field, meditation, molecular hydrogen, and breath work. The team at Ammortal had developed an...

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N95 Respirator Test Fixture
N95 Atemschutzgerät Testvorrichtung

ATI had asked us to investigate better test methods for disposable N95 respirators that could be used with their 100X Automated Filter Tester. We answered the following questions and performed the engineering, prototype fabrication, and testing of a new fixture for...

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PevcoBeam™ Delivery Management Station
PevcoBeam™ Liefermanagement-Station

The PevcoBeam™ delivery management station makes the process of sending and receiving specimens, drugs, and blood products throughout a hospital fast, safe, and simple. We worked with the Pevco Systems International Inc. team to design and develop their...

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COVID-19 Protective Drape
COVID-19 Schutzabdeckung

Safety and Protection for Medical ProfessionalsWe worked with Drape Medical, LLC to quickly design and fabricate a prototype protective drape to cover patients and protect medical professionals during necessary procedures. As medical professionals fight to care for...

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Brainchild Smart Pacifier
Brainchild Smart Schnuller

Embedded Systems Monitoring NeurodevelopmentWe worked with Brainchild Technologies, LLC to develop a smart pacifier that uses embedded sensors to monitor the suckling behavior of newborn babies. The pacifier communicates intensity and frequency data to a fellow...

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