Alex Morales

Electrical Engineer

Alex grew up in Pennsylvania where at an early age he discovered his love for taking things apart. Several broken toys later, he decided to take apart his laptop in the 9th grade. This experiment pushed him to take electronics classes in High-School, where he would quickly take an interest in building circuits and coding microcontrollers. Alex’s need to continue learning led him to pursue a BS in Electrical Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. He is excited to begin his career at Root3 Labs where he can grow and learn from an exceptional team. In his free time, Alex enjoys upgrading old video game components with new ones and fixing broken electronics.

Assessing Potential, Reducing the Risk<br />
Pairing experience and expertise to make confident decisions

Newest Activity

Listening to lifestyle podcasts on his commute

Known for

Using the phone in the texting generation

Can be found

In the gym lifting things and putting them down.