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Internships at Root3

From Classroom to Real World

Looking for a hands-on internship you’ll never forget? Keep reading. As interns at Root3 Labs, you’ll officially be part of our team- that means working with our engineers, handling real projects, talking with actual clients, and supported by the entire staff. You’ll be given individual tasks right out of the gate so be ready to collaborate! The focus? Solving problems. Figuring out solutions. But don’t worry, you don’t need to come knowing everything there is to know.

In fact, we’re here to help be your guide. The ideal candidate will have creativity, broad technical knowledge, and the irresistible desire to dig into challenging problems. We want you to wrestle with your work a bit. A little struggle is okay because for everything we do here, it’s a very iterative process. Our goal is to give you as much experience as possible working on a variety of projects so that you can get hands-on knowledge as you go. Fun fact: Engineering interns might even work on more projects than our senior engineers!

We also offer a flexible workplace to balance work, family, and personal interests. Full-time and part-time internships are available. Just ask.

Summer Internship Application Timeline :

  • Fall Season
    • Sept & Oct – Accepting applications
    • Nov & Dec – Interviewing candidates & making offers
  • Spring Season
    • Jan & Feb – Accepting applications
    • Mar & Apr – Interviewing candidates & making offers
Experimental Research

Open Internships

Engineering Interns

Engineering Interns

Closed for Summer 2024. Check back for Summer 2025.

Put your engineering classes to good use and have fun doing it. Learn how to design & build new products for the medical device & defense industries. Our engineering interns see all aspects of the product development process and definitely get hands-on in the Workshop. Rising juniors and seniors or graduate students in computer science, electrical, mechanical, computer, and biomedical engineering programs should apply.

  • When is the internship? Summer internships typically run from the end of May to the middle of August. What works for you?
  • What’s the schedule? Interns typically work 40hrs Mon – Fri but times are somewhat flexible. If you prefer working earlier or later in the day, you can figure out a schedule that works for you and your colleagues.
  • On-site or Remote? We’re building and testing hardware, so you need to be on-site. There’s some flexibility for interns to be remote but not with regularity.
  • Vacations? If you have any unpaid vacations or days off planned during your internship, just let us know and put them on the calendar. They’re unpaid, but you don’t have to give up your whole summer.
  • Do interns get paid? Yup, this is a paid internship; you’re an hourly employee. We know you’re learning new skills as part of the educational process, but we’re going to put you to work on projects that matter.


A typical day

As an intern, half your day or week will be working on calculations, talking to vendors, designing, understanding materials needs, planning, etc. The other half of the week will be making prototypes: Working in the workshop, improving the product, supporting the code- all that good stuff. Whether you’re here for a summer (or longer), we know that you’ll walk away having far more insights and experiences in the product development process than most of your peers.

Our team is multidisciplinary so you’ll be getting exposure to comp sci, mechanical engineering, you name it. To us though, this mentorship is huge. Everyone has a supervisor, but you can call on anyone on our team to help you, give you guidance, get technical questions answered, review a client email, or just ask the kinds of career questions you want to ask. There are open doors all around so take advantage of that and get a lot of exposure to senior staff who have decades of experience.

An internship at Root3 Labs is the perfect opportunity for students looking to take what they’ve learned in the classroom and put it to work in a real-world engineering environment.

But don’t take our word for how great an internship is! Here’s what one of our interns, Chloe, said about her summer 2020 experience with Root3 Labs, when she had to intern virtually:

“From day one, I was given an immense amount of responsibility that I had never experienced before. I was the sole intern at the company this summer and was put on a new project for a client where I was trusted to research and select materials, make design decisions, fabricate and test prototypes, communicate with the client and write project reports without someone watching my every move.”

Want to learn more? Here’s a video from Root3 Labs President Chad Schneider all about the internship process and what kinds of questions we often hear about our internship program. Check it out!

Interested in applying for one of our internships? Have more questions? Let’s chat!


Apply engineering principles
Design & build prototypes
Develop electromechanical devices
Perform calcs & analyses
Design documentation
Absorb new skills


Interest in product development
Experience tinkering
Have worked with tools
Enjoy voiding warranties
Rising Senior or Masters student
US Citizenship required

Major Disciplines

Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Computer Engineering (not IT)
Biomedical Engineering
Software Engineering
Computer Science

These are Paid Internships

$25/hr for Undergraduate Engineering Interns
$18/hr for Undergraduate Marketing Interns