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Root3 Labs is a device engineering and product development company specialized in applied research, rapid prototyping, and design for manufacture for the medical and defense industries. Our mechanical, biomedical, electrical, and embedded software engineers help customers turn ideas into prototypes and prototypes into finished products. Our extensive fabrication workshop is optimized for quick design-prototype-test cycles using a variety of materials, equipment, and techniques. From handhelds to hospital equipment, we’re the engineering and product development partner you’ve been looking for.

Attacking challenging problems in challenging industries

We love the fuzzy front-end of technology research – problems that don’t yet have direction, much less design requirements. We have refined an effective process to develop potential solution concepts and build and test prototypes that can be quickly evaluated. Then, we can iterate the prototype to incrementally improve the design or make big changes in a different direction.

Strategic Discovery

Experimental Research

Prototype Fabrication

Device Engineering

Medical Device Design

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Solving Hard problems

For Tough Customers

IBT (Infinite Biomedical Technologies)
Agnovos Bioscience
TRX Systems
MF Fire
Olive AI
Marins Med
ATI Test
Kubanda Cryotherapy
NIH (National Institutes of Health)

Our Unique Approach to Problem Solving

We often hear the concern from customers that after spending a lot of money with an engineering firm, they won’t get the outcome they (or their customers) need. That’s our concern, too! So, we use a development process that provides plenty of opportunities to minimize that risk quickly and gather feedback. We’ll help you navigate the early stages when you need to validate the most important technical and commercial principles to garner support from your customers, colleagues, grant committees, investors, etc.


News & Insights

Meet Marqus: Prototype Technician

Well, let's see...I guess, after working in the garage with my grandpa as a kid, I liked it and so I started get into some construction. In high school I did cabinetry and carpentry as my trade in school and I loved it. I ended up getting a job at Stanley Black &...

The BeagleV-Ahead vs Raspberry Pi

The BeagleV-Ahead vs Raspberry Pi

In less than a lifetime, we went from computers that filled an entire room to devices that fit in our pockets. While 'pocket-sized devices' may conjure images of modern smartphones, what I’m really talking about are single-board computers better known as...

Custom Crating by Root3 Labs

Custom Crating by Root3 Labs

Let's talk logistics! It's not often the most obvious element of running a business, but the logistics behind getting projects ready to ship can be critical. Something as simple as boxing up a piece of equipment may require careful deliberation and precise execution...

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