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Device Engineering & Product Development

We transform ideas into prototypes and prototypes into finished products.

Root3 Labs℠ is an engineering company specializing in the research and development of complex devices for the medical device and defense industries.

Early-stage Research

A Unique Approach to Problem Solving

We love the fuzzy front-end of technology research - problems that don't yet have solutions. We have refined an effective process to develop potential solution concepts and build and test prototypes that can be quickly evaluated. Then we can iterate the prototype to incrementally improve the design or make big changes in a different direction.

Product Design

From Concept Through Manufacturing

Bring us your initial product concept as a napkin sketch or a detailed product specification. We develop concept sketches, design and fabricate prototypes, and refine the design for manufacturing. We provide guidance on such issues as prototyping materials, cadaver testing, Verification & Validation, regulatory compliance, etc..

Product Development & Engineering Services

Strategic Discovery

  • Strategic Focus

  • Need Finding

  • Need Definition

  • Ideation & Evaluation

Experimental Research

  • Proof-of-Concept Prototypes

  • Engineering Principles

  • Demonstration & Field Testing

Prototype Fabrication

  • Fabrication & Documentation

  • Performance Characterization

  • Field Testing, Evaluation

Mechanical Engineering

  • Custom Part Design/CAD

  • Microfluidic Systems

  • Analysis, FEA, Simulations

Medical Device Design

  • Usability & Ergonomics

  • Portability, Biocompatibility

  • Regulatory Compliance

Electrical Engineering

  • Circuit design, PCB layout

  • Portable, Battery Power

  • Embedded Firmware

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