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Engineers transforming problems into prototypes and prototypes into finished products for the medical device & defense industries.


Product Development &

Strategic Discovery

Experimental Research

Prototype Fabrication

Mechanical Engineering

Medical Device Design

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering


A Unique Approach to Problem Solving

We often hear the concern from customers that after spending a lot of money with an engineering firm, they won’t get the outcome they (or their customers) need. That’s our concern, too! So, we use a development process that provides plenty of opportunities to minimize that risk quickly and gather feedback. We’ll help you navigate the early stages when you need to validate the most important technical and commercial principles to garner support from your customers, colleagues, grant committees, investors, etc.


Our People

Chad Schneider, MSE, PE

President & Sr. ME

Conrad Laskowski

Sr Mechanical Engineer

Christina Krueger, PE

Sr Mechanical Engineer

Rachel Borshansky

Sr. Biomedical Engineer

Todd Murphy, MSE

Sr. MechE & Innovation Strategist

Willem Ytsma, MTE

Mechanical Engineer

Brian Bock, MEng

Mechanical Engineer

Christopher Dellman, MSE

Senior Computer Engineer

Audrey Rappaport

Mechanical Engineer

Alex Morales

Electrical Engineer

Megann Coleman

Communications Coordinator

Aditi Kishore

Mechanical Engineer

Julia LaMarra

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Emma Dionne

Computer Engineering Intern

Hannah Moskios

Biomedical Engineering Intern

Halle Cho

Computer Engineering Intern

Noah Schneider

Mechanical Engineering Intern


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News & Insights

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Custom Crating by Root3 Labs

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Summer Highlights 2023

Summer Highlights 2023

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Innovation Through Collaboration

Innovation Through Collaboration

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