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If you’d like to hire us to help you with your technology development effort, the first step is to contact us using the form below or schedule a 30-minute call or video chat. We can provide a custom quote for a one-time project or support your team on an on-going basis as strategic engineering advisors. Naturally, you’re going to have questions for us, such as what our process looks like, do we have experience relevant to your project, and how do we ensure you get the outcome you want? We’ll also have questions for you. Please be prepared to share any supporting documentation, concepts, functionality requirements, budgetary expectations and constraints, deadlines, and any other pertinent information that will help us understand your project and the tasks you’d like us to perform. Zoom screen share works well for this, or you may send information to us by email. If you’d like to execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to our call, you can execute our Mutual NDA or Client One-Way NDA online.

This is a no-obligation introductory call. For whatever reason, we may determine not to do business together, and we’re okay with that. Or, we might discover an opportunity worth exploring and discuss the next steps necessary.

Every engineering project is customized to meet your needs. We provide either Fixed Price or Time & Materials proposals that lay out the Project Plan and define the Scope of Work. Fixed Price budgets are best-suited for projects that have well-defined deliverables and can be estimated with accuracy. Time & Materials budgets are provided for those projects with more uncertainty, technical challenges, or ambiguous deliverables. Our T&M estimates reflect our current understanding of the effort but also leave room for the flexibility to modify the Scope of Work and Deliverables throughout the project. Therefore, our T&M proposals are easily tailored to meet your goals and budget.

Some activities are way beyond “less defined”. You’re not sure what you need or what the deliverables might look like. Some customers want to get an outside set of eyes on a specific problem, or a manufacturing advisor for a junior engineer, or an electrical engineer to stop in weekly to help solve problems. Using our Master Service Agreement, we’ll tailor the engagement to meet your needs and adjust as those needs evolve. You’ll gain access to our engineering team for technical advice, Design Reviews, test development and performance, prototype fabrication advice or any other engineering support we can provide.

Work with our Strategic Advisors

Baltimore and the surrounding areas are home to numerous top-notch Universities that form a pipeline to the startup community. To encourage and support that community, we have a special discount: 2 hours of personalized advice and recommendations based on our experience for just $250. If you just need some advice to get pointed in the right direction, why not pick the brain of one of our senior engineers for a few hours? We can advise you on many different facets of the design process. We can tell you things like how to make your part less expensive to machine, or why you might choose polypropylene, polyethylene, or polycarbonate for an injection molded part, or sit in on a cold-body review of your design. To be able to offer such a deal, we can’t review a new Non-Disclosure Agreement each time, so if you’d like to work under an NDA to protect your confidential information, you can download our Client One-Way NDA agreement for that purpose. There’s no obligation to keep working with us, but we can always switch to your terms if you decide to engage with us for a larger project.

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We’re seeking partnerships with entrepreneurs and investors, both individual and institutional, looking to build the next great startup. For the entrepreneur, we can help with mentorship and guidance as well as technical engineering support. We’ve run and exited startups ourselves. For the investor, we can help facilitate introductions, demonstrations, and technical evaluations with the myriad startups that come through our doors. We offer deeply discounted rates for equity and everyone is aligned in the mission.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by not knowing how much a project is costing you or suddenly receiving a huge invoice you weren’t expecting, you’ll appreciate our weekly Project Status Reports. Throughout the project, we’ll provide weekly status updates to keep you up-to-date on the budget, schedule, and progress. We may use emails, team conference calls, or online/in-person meetings to provide these reports, depending on the subject matter and your preference. In addition, we have Design Reviews with your participation, complete with sketches, images, prototypes, or design documentation.




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