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We LOVE the prototyping process – it’s our engineer’s playground where ideas get to take shape. Our prototyping workshop occupies about 60% of our total facility space! That’s where we get our hands dirty, make messes, and maybe even void some warranties! But it’s all worth it to us, because prototype fabrication is all about quickly getting a sense for how your product will feel and handle in the real world.

prototype fabrication

The Root3 Labs Advantage

When tackling a problem, we start by exploring the right prototyping techniques to find the most efficient solution:

  • Low-fidelity, rough prototypes are best to test early feasibility of a concept.
  • High-fidelity, more sophisticated prototype fabrication is best for testing and demonstrating the integration of functionality and aesthetics.

At every stage of the process, we’re using prototype fabrication to test hypotheses, demonstrate feasibility, minimize uncertainty, and gather feedback.

Versatile Facilities

Root3 Labs houses three specialized workshops for maximum prototyping flexibility:

  • Woodshop for enclosures, fixtures, custom shipping solutions.
  • Metalshop with CNC, welding, and powder coating capabilities.
  • Electronics Lab for PCB assembly, firmware, 3D printing, and more.

We can’t build everything in-house, but having comprehensive in-house capabilities lets us control the prototyping schedule instead of relying on outside vendors. This means getting a functional prototype in your hands even sooner!

See our extensive workshop capabilities in our tour!

Prototype Fabrication Capabilities

Plastic & Foam

3D Printed Parts
CNC Routed Parts
Vinyl Laminations
Silicone Molding & Casting
Vacuum Forming


Test Fixtures
Custom Enclosures
Storage & Shipping

Metal & Plastic

Accurate fixtures/mounts
CNC Fadal 4020 VMC
CNC Bridgeport Mill
CNC Plasma Cutting
Manual Mill and Lathe
TIG Welding
Powder Coat & Paint
Sheet Metal Bending


Hand Soldering
Breadboard Evaluation
Controls Firmware
Signal Analysis


Industrial Sewing
High-temperature Fabric
Kevlar & Fiberglass Materials


Environmental Chamber Testing
Digital Microscope
USB, Serial Scales
LabJack I/O Data Collection

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