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Bill Greenberg

Experimental Research

Working with Root3 Labs was an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism and clear communication was stellar. The team worked hard to understand our needs and then executed them beautifully. Throughout the process, they kept in constant communication to let us know the status of our testing and prototype work. I highly recommend working with Root3.

Brandon Adair

Engineering Support

Root3 Labs was key in bringing to market a pharmaceutical flavoring and water dispenser. They addressed several defects that another company was responsible for assisting us in a successful launch. Their team was always very flexible even with last minute meetings and a very demanding workload given our needs to get to market fast. They were like an extension of the company, making project management seamless. Had we used them from the start we would have likely been to market several years sooner. Though I have left the pharmaceutical company to pursue my own I would most certainly hire Root3 Labs again.

Carly Kiselycznyk

Product Development

Really happy with the work done by Root3 for our company’s smart baby product. They gave us accurate budget estimates, took the time to communicate their thought process throughout the project and presented us with alternatives before moving forward. The team was easy to work with, always available for questions and additional clarification, and communicate the technical tasks well. Would highly recommend working with them.

Chris Chiang

Prototype Development

Medtech start-up founder speaking. Chad and his team were able to redesign and convert an in-house tool we developed into a production-ready design and manufacturing package. As a biomedical engineer myself, but without manufacturing expertise, I can vouch that their design talent is solid and the work is thorough.

Niall Sweeney

I’ve worked on several projects with Root3 creating early prototype designs. In all cases they were very creative, practical on time and reasonably priced. Chad is easy to work with.

Kristy Peterson-Fearis

Design for Manufacturing

Chad has direct experience with medical device development and is able to both advise and execute. He and is team are easy to work with and are passionate about their work. Highly recommend!!