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The Root3 Labs Difference

Small Team. Big Results

We’re often asked what differentiates us from other design teams and why our customers return year after year. Most often, the feedback is related to Passion, Process, and Thoughtfulness. Our engineers have a passion for unsolved problems. We do this for fun… it’s our Happy Place. We follow a First Principles Process of breaking down obstacles into their most fundamental pieces then Design, Prototype, & Test solutions one at a time before putting it all back together. Finally, we look at design details thoughtfully from different perspectives, how they integrate with other aspects of the product, and how they might affect everything from the material selection, manufacturing cost, assembly, reliability, customer experience, and beyond which ultimately leads to a quality product for our customers… and theirs.

What do the acronyms behind our names mean?

Assessing Potential, Reducing the Risk<br />
Pairing experience and expertise to make confident decisions

Meet the Team

Chad Schneider, MSE, PE

President & Sr. ME

Conrad Laskowski

Sr Mechanical Engineer

Christina Krueger, PE

Sr Mechanical Engineer

Rachel Borshansky

Sr. Biomedical Engineer

Todd Murphy, MSE

Sr. MechE & Innovation Strategist

Willem Ytsma, MSE, MA

Mechanical Engineer

Brian Bock, MEng

Mechanical Engineer

Christopher Dellman, MSE

Senior Computer Engineer

Audrey Rappaport

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Alex Morales

Electrical Engineer

Julia LaMarra

Mechanical Engineering Intern

Noah Schneider

PLTW High School Intern


Office Pup


Office Pup

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Assessing Potential, Reducing the Risk<br />
Pairing experience and expertise to make confident decisions

Our prototyping & testing workshop

Half our our facility is comprised of an extensive and versatile fabrication workshop to allow quick-turn prototype iteration using a variety of materials, equipment, and techniques. This allows our engineers to quickly test an idea or modify a component. Watch a video tour of the workshop. It also means our engineers fully understand how a part can best be made because they’re familiar with the tools to make it. We have in-house fabrication capabilities in SLA 3D printing, laser-cutting, CNC and manual machining, welding, woodworking, metalworking, and electronics, as well as vinyl cutting, sewing, thermoforming, and it’s always expanding.