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COVID-19 Update: We hope you're staying healthy and safe. Root3 Labs is still fully functional while following guidance from the CDC and WHO to stem the spread of the virus. We've established daily sanitization procedures and are minimizing personal contact as most of our staff are working remotely. While we've suspended in-person meetings, that doesn't mean we're unreachable. We're taking advantage of digital tools that forward all our calls and using Microsoft Teams for video teleconference and screen-sharing. Get in touch; we're still happy to help.
How to Hire Us
If you'd like to hire us to help you with your technology development effort, the first step is to contact us using the form below or schedule a 30-minute call/video chat. Naturally, you're going to have questions for us, such as what our process looks like, do we have experience relevant to your project, and how do we ensure you get the outcome you want? We'll also have questions for you. Please be prepared to share any supporting documentation, concepts, functionality requirements, budgetary expectations/constraints, deadlines, etc. to help us understand your project and the tasks you'd like us to perform. Zoom screen share works well for this, or you may send information to us by email. If you'd like to execute a Non-disclosure Agreement prior to our call, you can download our Mutual NDA and include a signed copy with your contact form.

This is a no-obligation introductory call. For whatever reason, we may determine not to do business together, and we're ok with that. Or, we might discover an opportunity worth exploring and discuss the next steps necessary so we can build a custom proposal for you. Proposals include the tasks we'll perform, list of items we're responsible for delivering, and an estimated budget and schedule.

If you're not quite sure of the tasks you'd like us to perform but you'd like to work with our engineers, you can hire us on a consulting basis by purchasing a block of hours (minimums apply). You'll gain access to our engineering team for technical advice, Design Reviews, test development/performance, prototyping support (plus material expenses), or any other engineering support we can provide.
Include an attachment: (5MB limit, filetypes: pdf | jpg | png | igs | x_t | stl)

Phone Number

410-701-0164 ext 100

Global Position

39°26'10"N 76°46'34"W

HQ Address

11408 Cronridge Dr Ste C, Owings Mills, MD 21117