Christopher Dellman, MSE

Senior Computer Engineer

Christopher is always looking for the next fun thing to work on. An early interest in computers sparked by a Build-Your-Own-8088-Microcomputer book led them to pursue a BA in Computer Science from St. Mary’s College of Maryland then an MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Johns Hopkins University.

They came to Root3 Labs after working on naval aircraft avionics in the civil service and later, embedded RF devices and planetary science missions at a university affiliated research center. On the weekends they enjoy hiking, developing hardware for retro gaming consoles, restoring vintage computers, and generally being a menace to the neighborhood’s average electricity consumption.

Assessing Potential, Reducing the Risk<br />
Pairing experience and expertise to make confident decisions

Known for

Sneaking a SETI message onto a NASA spacecraft (with permission)

Recently Learned

To develop color film at home

Current Project

Building a pick and place machine for 0.4mm BGAs