What do the acronyms mean?

PE. MSE. MTE. It’s like alphabet soup behind our names. Each of these academic and professional credentials reflect our passion for engineering, so we’re proud to highlight them here.

PE (Professional Engineer) is a qualification license issued by a State’s Board for Professional Engineers. Professional Engineers must first earn a Bachelors degree from an ABET-accredited engineering program and take the FE (Fundamentals of Engineering) Exam. This 110 question exam takes 6 hours and covers a variety of engineering topics. After at least four years of professional experience under the supervision of one or more Professional Engineers, candidates apply to take the PE Exam in a specific discipline. Our two PE’s took the Mechanical: Machine Design and Materials, which is an 80-question, 8-hour exam that requires months of preparation.

MSE (Master of Science in Engineering) is a two-year graduate program that may be purely academic classes or involve both classes and original research with a thesis. It might focus within one of the many engineering disciplines or integrate multiple disciplines in fields such as robotics. Some Universities use MS (Master of Science) interchangeably.

MTE (Masters in Technical Entrepreneurship) is a one-year experiential curriculum related to all things startup-related. Intellectual property, prototyping, product development, starting and funding a business.

Now that you know what the credentials are, meet our Engineers.