Prototype Fabrication

Making it Real

Marrying Form and Function Together

We love the process of prototyping. Our prototyping Workshop is 60% of our space. We think of the Workshop as our Engineer’s Playground. When we’re trying to solve a problem, we first think about prototyping techniques we might use to get to an answer efficiently. Some prototypes are low-resolution and rough to help answer an early feasibility question, while others are more sophisticated and integrate functionality and appearance of the product. At every stage of the process, we’re using prototype fabrication to test hypotheses, demonstrate feasibility, minimize uncertainty, and gather feedback.

In our lab, we get our hands dirty. Make some messes. Void some warranties. To us, it’s all about quickly getting a sense for how your product will feel and handle in the real world.

If you come visit Root3 Labs, you’ll see that we maintain three different workshops so that we can build and evaluate prototypes using a variety of tools, techniques, and materials. We can’t build everything in-house, but having a pretty sweet woodshop, metalshop, and electronics lab gives us the freedom to set our own pace for fabrication instead of waiting for variable schedules from outside vendors. Additionally, building parts in-house gives our engineers the expertise to test new manufacturing techniques and design better products.

Rapid Prototype Development

Plastic & Foam

3D Printed Parts
CNC Routed Parts
Vinyl Laminations
Silicone Molding
Vacuum Forming


Test Fixtures
Custom Enclosures
Storage & Shipping

Metal & Plastic

Accurate fixtures/mounts
CNC Fadal 4020 VMC
CNC Bridgeport Mill
CNC Plasma Cutting
Manual Mill and Lathe
TIG Welding
Powder Coat & Paint
Sheet Metal Bending


Hand Soldering
Breadboard Evaluation
Controls Firmware
Signal Analysis


Industrial Sewing
High-temperature Fabric
Kevlar & Fiberglass Materials


Environmental Chamber Testing
Digital Microscope
USB, Serial Scales
LabJack I/O Data Collection