sUAV Active Smoke Deployment Device

Root3 Labs has invented an sUAV-deployed smoke screen that can be easily delivered by a remote operator to any position between an active shooter and targeted personnel. This remote operated deploy obscuration device can be used to obscure an attacker’s field of view, target positions, or open areas while evacuating to a safer position. How does it work? One or more smoke grenades are activated by the remote operator at their discretion. The smoke grenades are connected to a drone that can be positioned and then held in a stable position (such as above a window), manually driven to control the shape and position of the smoke screen, or automatically engaged in a pre-determined flight pattern. The shape of the flight pattern might be used to prevent the shooter from targeting the drone itself or obscure the drone within its own smoke.

There are many advantages of having a remote controlled deployable obscuration device over a smoke grenade. For example, instead of throwing the smoke grenade and limiting the direction and distance the smoke can travel, the flight path of the drone can be infinitely variable. With the ability to control the distance and shape of the smoke, this device can be very effective against raised sniper perches or bodies of water. As personnel move from one location to another, the drone can be programmed to predetermined positions and provide coverage to personnel from being potentially targeted. This is a significant advantage over throwing a smoke grenade as the drone is able to correct itself for inaccurate placement and shifting wind to provide more solid coverage over moving personnel in difficult situations. The smoke screen can also be deployed closer to an aggressor to obscure their vision or block a wider field of view to avoid a potential attack. This invention was designed to increase the safety and security of our military and law enforcement personnel and is now ready to hit the market! For inquiries about this project, please contact us at Root3 Labs.

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  • Assisting Military/ Law Enforcement
  • Defense against active shooters
  • Design for Security
  • Manually controls shape of smoke
  • Balanced weight during flight and deployment


  • 3D printed hardware
  • Custom landing legs
  • Quad- rotor drone design


  • Law Enforcement
  • Military