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Half of our office is a workshop – we love building prototypes. This allows us to do almost real-time analysis of concepts. Some prototypes are very rough, some quite refined, but at every stage of the process, we’re fabricating prototypes to test hypotheses and demonstrate feasibility. See a list of some of our tools & fabrication capabilities.

Rapid Prototype Development

Build. Test. Cycle.

Plastic & Foam

3D Printed Parts
CNC Routed Parts
Vinyl Laminations
Silicone Molding
Vacuum Forming


Test Fixtures
Custom Enclosures
Storage & Shipping

Metal & Plastic

Accurate fixtures/mounts
CNC Fadal 4020 VMC
CNC Bridgeport Mill
CNC Plasma Cutting
Manual Mill and Lathe
TIG Welding
Powder Coat & Paint
Sheet Metal Bending


Hand Soldering
Breadboard Evaluation
Controls Firmware
Signal Analysis


Industrial Sewing
High-temp Fabric
Kevlar & Fiberglass Materials


Environmental Chamber Testing
Digital Microscope
USB, Serial Scales
LabJack I/O Data Collection