Innovation Through Collaboration

Innovation Through Collaboration

In the realm of technological innovation, collaborations often hold the key to unlocking new possibilities. For fellow entrepreneurs in the technology corridor, collaborative partnerships with more established entities can help propel you to the next level. The partnership between Root3 Labs and the Maryland Tech Council (MTC) serves as a prime example of how such alliances can drive progress, inspire growth, and foster a sense of community.

Root3 Labs being able to work together with the MTC and access their wealth of resources has brought together the expertise and resources of both entities. This has provided a path forward for innovation while kindling the spirit of camaraderie amongst those involved. At its core, the MTC operates as a catalyst for growth by offering guidance and platforms to tech enthusiasts, startups, and established businesses.

One pillar of this partnership rests on the power of events – events that can serve as powerful drivers in the growth trajectory of our organization. MTC has a variety of events, from the high-energy Pitch & Pour sessions and the forward-looking Digital Transformation and BIO Innovation conferences. Each MTC event has provided a stage for Root3 Labs to showcase its work, connect with fellow innovators, and be part of a larger conversation that drives progress.

Recently, we at Root3 Labs had the honor of being able to host the Meet the Members Event for the Baltimore Regional Tech Chapter of the MTC. At that event, we were able to work alongside a few of our own clients and shine the spotlight on those projects. Read below to learn a little more about our five featured clients.

StetPulse: Selena Shirkin is a co-founder of StetPulse, which is pioneering a UV-based sterilization tool set to revolutionize clinical and hospital settings.

MarinsMed: Co-founder Darryl DuBre’s vision has led to the creation of a robust, serviceable body-powered upper-limb prosthetic, transforming lives.

Kubanda Cryotherapy: Clarisse Hu and her team at Kubanda Cryotherapy have yielded a breakthrough cryogenic point-of-care treatment for pets with tumors.

BLOCKSynop: Wayne Sternberger and Shari Sternberger’s work revolves around a neural blockade monitor that quantifies the efficacy of local anesthetics for pain management and surgery.

Ammortal: Co-founder Brian Le Gette of Ammortal is shaping an immersive experience that rejuvenates the mind and body through sound, light, vibration, and more.

(You can learn more about these projects in our Project Portfolio.)

Root3 Labs’ involvement with these entrepreneurs goes beyond mere technical support; it’s a testament to the capacity for innovation when like-minded individuals unite in pursuit of a shared goal. It’s about the connections made, the ideas shared, and the collaborations sparked in these vibrant settings. The synergy that arises when creative minds converge is the very essence of innovation, and these MTC events have proven to be the ideal breeding ground for such interactions.

Take a look at just a few collaborative events we’ve been apart of in the past.