Summer Highlights 2023

The slow, sunny days of summer are coming to a close – whether you want them to or not! We know we’re not quite ready for those busy back-to-school routines to take over our mornings, and if you’re not either then keep reading to relive the summer with us at Root3 Labs.

Summer Interns

It’s been an exciting summer for us, starting off with the addition of our 2023 Interns! This intern cohort was a unique and diverse group of engineering students from the Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland, and Rochester Institute of Technology, and we really enjoyed getting to work with them. With just about all hands on deck for some huge projects over the summer, they proved to be invaluable additions in the workshop. The office is a lot quieter without our interns, but we know they’re shining bright as they start their fall semesters!

Gramophone Experience

If you’ve been following our Ammortal Chamber updates, you know that high-quality sound is integral to the overall design and immersive experience. That’s why we were so thrilled when Joe Moscatell at Gramophone was kind enough to invite us over to the Gramophone Experience Center for a field trip! They have a wide array of showrooms designed to fully show off the capabilities of their high-performance audio/video electronics, speakers, and accessories. Our interns and engineers got a full VIP tour and learned so much!


Breakout Games

One of our very own interns, Noah, knocked it out of the park by organizing our company outing to Breakout Games! You might think our group – with 8 engineers and 5 engineering interns – would have no trouble at all with an escape room, right? Wrong! Only one team in our group managed to escape in time and they even had to diffuse a bomb! We had some pretty confident folks in the ‘kidnapping’ themed room, but it turns out escaping from handcuffs is a lot harder than it looks in the movies. Don’t worry, we’ll escape next time, for sure.


Summer may be wrapping up, but we’ve still got plenty of exciting stuff in the works here at Root3 Labs! Keep checking in here to stay up to date with everything we’ve got going on, and follow us on socials to see what we’re up to in the workshop. And, if you know a bright and energetic engineering student who might want to join next year’s interns, send them our way!