Schedule a 2-hour Startup Advisory Meeting

Baltimore and the surrounding areas are home to numerous top-notch Universities that form a pipeline to the startup community. To encourage and support that community, we have a special discount: 2 hours of personalized advice and recommendations based on our experience for just $250. If you just need a quick bit of advice to get pointed in the right direction, why not pick the brain of one of our senior engineers for a couple of hours? We won’t have time to do any research or fabricate a prototype, but we can tell you how to make your part less expensive to machine, why you might choose polypropylene, polyethylene, or polycarbonate for an injection molded part, or sit in on a cold-body review of your design. To be able to offer such a deal, we can’t review a new NDA each time, so if you’d like to work under an NDA to protect your confidential information, you can sign our Client One-Way NDA agreement for that purpose. There’s no obligation to keep working with us, but we can always switch to your terms if you decide to engage with us for a larger project.

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