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Coaptive Ultrasound Gastrostomy

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We worked with Dr. Steven Tropello, an Emergency and Critical Care Physician at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, to develop a novel method to insert a feeding tube under ultrasound guidance. This patent-pending method simplifies the procedure so non-surgical providers can perform it outside the hospital setting with […]

Indoor Tracking System

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We supported development and validation of the NEON Indoor Location Service by TRX Systems which locates and tracks personnel in areas where GPS is not available, such as indoors or underground. The project called for a quick turnaround to meet strict deadlines and deliverables. We modified the enclosure design of […]

Pedicle Screw System

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We collaborated with a surgeon at the University of Maryland Medical Center and the Office of Research & Development to develop prototypes of a novel pedicle screw system. The new design would improve the wound closure and healing process related to spinal surgery. Surgical tools are generally manufactured in titanium […]

Laser Cyclotron

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Our client designs, builds, and performs dynamic entertainment as the backdrop for all kinds of venues, including laser light shows, fireworks, and sky-high towers of flames. You can see their performances at Baltimore Ravens games and other sporting events around the country. They came to us to help develop a […]

Fetal Heart Rate Monitor

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We worked with a graduate student team at the Johns Hopkins University to support their development of a new Fetal Heart Rate Monitor for developing countries. Their goal was to improve the state of medical care for expecting mothers through better tools to examine the growing fetus in areas of […]

Marketplace Opportunities

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Our customer had performed extensive user interviews on behalf of their own customer, visiting hospitals and talking to a variety of staff and administrators. The goal was to identify opportunities in the marketplace for new product ventures. We joined their multi-day brainstorming process to help sort through the data. The […]

Dental Implant Development

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Our customer asked us to help analyze the feasibility of an innovative dental implant design to evaluate specific risks to the development process. For the business case, we interviewed a prosthodontist, a periodontist, and a general dentist to gather different perspectives on how they use dental implants and to understand […]

Organized Ear Buds

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Our customer wanted to create a small, retractable ear bud case that keeps them organized and protected and could connect to any device. Use these high-quality drivers with any music player or smart device, even a tape-deck if that’s your style. Extend them to any length and it automatically locks […]

Podiatry Nail Bandage

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Our customer had a painful hangnail and had gone to a podiatrist for help. The podiatrist could perform surgery, but the options were limited and drastic. Most solutions involve removal of a significant portion of the nail which changes the appearance of the nail as well as eliminates the protective […]

Endoscopic Tool Development

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Root3 Labs collaborated with surgeons from University of Maryland School of Medicine and the University of Maryland Office of Research and Development in an effort to commercialize university research. The project was to develop and test prototypes of a patent-pending endoscopic tool, advancing the technology toward a commercial product. The […]

Automated Image Acquisition

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Vasoptic Medical is developing a low-cost, handheld retinal imager for early diagnosis in primary care settings of a vision-threatening condition called diabetic retinopathy. Root3 Labs, in collaboration with Sensing Machines, helped Vasoptic automate certain mechanical and electrical aspects of the image acquisition process. Find out more about the technology at

Breathing Simulation Prototype

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The team at Safe To Sleep has developed a baby monitoring mat so sensitive it can alert parents if their newborn baby is having trouble breathing. For demonstration and testing purposes, they needed to simulate the physical motion of a breathing infant across the spectrum from a healthy baby to […]

Flexible Dual-display Prototype Cover

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Our customer was preparing to present a new flexible display technology and needed to refine the demonstration prototype for the presentation. The prototype didn’t need to be flashy, but it needed to allow connections for with the external prototype electronics and it needed to be delivered in less than a […]

Mealtime Chair Assistance

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Our Customer had developed an assisting technology for use in senior living centers and elderly care facilities. The device provides the leverage and ability to bring the chair up on wheels to allow it to easily slide in and out from a dining room table. It’s easy enough for a […]

Concrete Espresso Tamper

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Developed a concrete version of an espresso tamper handle. Nice weight, an ergonomic design, and a warm texture make this handle comfortable to use in a professional setting or a consumer kitchen. Concrete is sealed to prevent bacterial growth. Comes with a high-quality stainless steel tamper in a variety of […]

Presentation Prototypes

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Designed and fabricated prototype devices for a early-stage startup company to use in investor presentations. A works-like prototype uses an off-the-shelf PCB encased in a custom enclosure to exhibit functionality while looks-like prototypes give a more accurate depiction of the size and shape of the final product. Components were fabricated […]

Past Projects

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Prior to founding Root3 Labs, Chad worked on the development of numerous products in the medical, industrial, and consumer electronics industries. Unfortunately, due to the confidential nature of that work, photos are not available. Device to Induce Therapeutic Hypothermia Project Manager of a multi-disciplinary design team tasked with developing a […]

Robotic Needle Insertion

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As part of a research project at The Johns Hopkins University Engineering Research Center for Computer Integrated Surgical Systems and Technology in 2002, we designed and fabricated a prototype minimally-invasive medical device with the capability to insert a needle under transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) image guidance through the rectum and into […]

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