May 2021-National Inventors Month

Happy National Inventors Month! In May, individuals take the time to draw attention to the contributions of men and women across the world and celebrate human ingenuity. As a team of engineers, our roles are often interchanged with “inventors” as we think of inventive solutions and create products to solve universal problems and challenges.  At Root3 Labs, we celebrate curiosity, creativity, and innovation not only in the workplace but in every aspect of our lives. Check out some of the past prototypes and inventions we have had the pleasure of designing and fabricating over the last couple of years. For more details about these prototypes, visit our portfolio page on our website. Here’s to the imagination and courage of all inventors who have changed history through their inventions!


Thank you to our open-source contributors:

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Root3 Labs is an engineering company specializing in the research and development of hardware devices for the medical device and defense industries. Our expert engineering staff helps our customers transform ideas into prototypes and prototypes into finished products.


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